Legacy Planning

What is Legacy Planning?

First, let’s look at what it isn’t. It isn’t a will. It isn’t all about money. It isn’t the same as estate planning. And, above all, it isn’t just about death. It’s about life… and passing on what matters most: your values, and life lessons, your final wishes, and instructions about managing your affairs. Information that is too valuable to risk being lost.

Your personal legacy plan is the perfect complement to your financial and estate plan.

What are the benefits?

They are plentiful. First, it provides peace of mind knowing that you have taken necessary measures to protect and honor your loved ones. Next, it establishes a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to develop a more meaningful financial and estate plan. Then documenting and passing on words of wisdom and guidance about the upbringing of your children and/or grandchildren is incredibly important. Make sure your family traditions and values continue to be preserved for generations. And by having advanced preparations, you provide your loved ones with the opportunity to grieve and rebuild their lives rather than be burdened by the issues that often arise in the aftermath of someone passing.

Who Should Do It?

Legacy planning is for people who would like to:

  • Preserve family traditions
  • Share their values with the next generation
  • See the lessons they’ve learned in life benefit others
  • Share their views on spirituality
  • Have a say about being buried vs. cremated
  • Avoid leaving a burden for their loved ones
  • Protect their survivors from costly mistakes
  • Be remembered 100 years from today as a person who made a difference.

How Do I Do It?

Planning your legacy is a simple four-step process.

  • Get your house in order
  • Share your values
  • Document the details
  • Live with purpose
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