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A staple of the Wealth Planning Group is our commitment to managing our client’s collective wealth. With the abundance of news and commentary available everywhere, one of the biggest issues that investors face in today’s complex environment is separating background “noise” from pertinent information. Our investment committee meets regularly to analyze current market events and the global economy to determine what is relevant and what is just “noise”.

Our unique methodology in portfolio design uses active management of core holdings along with a tactical approach aimed at capturing opportunities that exist in any market environment. Our underlying philosophy is that our client’s portfolios should seek to generate the greatest amount of return with the least amount of risk. Because of their non-correlation to stock and bonds, one of the tools we use to mitigate risk is Alternative Investments. Some examples could include Non-Public Real Estate Investment Trusts, Energy opportunities, and/or Managed Futures, where appropriate.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are held to a higher fiduciary standard than commission-based brokers who offer products rather than solutions. As Fee-based advisers, we can avoid the conflict of interest that comes with the sale of commissionable products thereby allowing us to do what is in the best interest for our clients.

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