Hundreds of boxes full of paper for shredding
Santa Clarita - Barrels filled quickly with papers for shredding
Lots of paper shredded and recycled

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, at 5 p.m., Jim and Chris hosted the Wealth Planning Group’s annual Paper Shredding Party.

WPG’s friends and neighbors arrived with pickup trucks, cars, and dollies full of boxes stuffed with paper for the shredding truck. As boxes were emptied into rolling carts and wheeled to a shredding truck, party-goers watched cart after cart was hoisted up and over, dumping its contents into a diesel truck-powered shredder.

Wine, cheese, crackers, and other refreshments were served to help make the chore more of a party after a long day.


Diesel-powered truck shredded barrels full of paper
Shredders stopped by for refreshments
Another successful shredding party

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